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    Marginal Gains: 80 ways to take your resume to the next level

    Book Cover: Marginal Gains: 80 ways to take your resume to the next level

    Being able to write a great resume for yourself is a game changer.

    A great resume will open the door to new employment, promotion opportunities and a dynamic, progressive and high earning career.

    This book will help anyone looking to get a new job, change their career or who is targeting that big promotion.

    Written by a respected and experienced resume writer and employment expert Marginal Gains sets out to empower the reader to write the best possible version of their resume.

    Marginal Gains proposes that there is no individual technique or 'trick' that makes a resume effective. In reality a resume is constructed in a number of smaller ways: the 'marginal gains' of the title.

    Written in straight forward, no-nonsense language the book describes 80 simple and easy steps to improving your own resume to get the very best out of your career history.

    The book covers the all-important questions such as:

    How long should it be?

    What does a great resume look like?

    How to write an effective Professional Profile that sells you in a few lines

    How to write your previous employment history to showcase your experience and skills

    How to cover your education and training history effectively

    How to maximise your references

    Also covered within the book are important aspects beyond the resume such as:

    How to write professional cover letters which encourage the reader to read your resume

    Working with recruitment agencies to achieve your career goals

    Jamie Hughes has been writing employment documents for the last ten years and still writes resumes, LinkedIn profiles, application forms and much more for 100s of private clients a year. He has many long term clients who have achieved lucrative promotions and career changes over the last few years. He also works with clients at all levels from CEOs to cleaners and the book is written to benefit any career at any level.


    by Jamie Hughes (Goodreads Author)