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How can you make a career plan to land a job in CPEC projects

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Considering the unemployment rate in Pakistan, it is essential to make an immaculate career plan. Sometimes many of us get into fields which have very few jobs. As a result, only the brightest get the job whereas the rest of the people they don’t work. Instead, they start to compromise and opt for other fields which are not of their interest.

In some cases, people may even end up doing a job for less money.  The most promising and long-term project in Pakistan is CPEC. There is a possibility that this project will go on for up to 30 years.  As a result, it will give people a lot of time to learn and gain experience. Along with that, they will be able to save enough money to live the rest of the life without compromising too much. For all those people who want to work in different CPEC projects, there are several ways through which you can Chalk out a career plan that will land you a job in CPEC.

Depending on your interests, set of natural skills and academic aims, you can get into CPEC projects. We have made sure that we make the career plans as easy as possible. So the list we have made works in a special way. Each point has a proper career plan. Each career plan leads to a list of qualifications that you may require. Furthermore, each qualification will link you to universities that offer the courses.

Here is the list of possible career options in different domains to land a job in CPEC Projects


Civil engineering
Electrical Engineering
Telecom engineering
Mechanical engineering
Energy systems engineering
Software engineering


Business Management
Project Management
Marketing Management
Hotel management
Transport management
Operations director

Other domains

Machine Handling (Vehicles, bulldozers, trucks etc)


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