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Important things about LinkedIn Pakistanis really need to know

important things about LinkedIn

We have all heard important things about LinkedIn from our friends and relatives.  Usually, people talk about LinkedIn when they want to explain the concept of networking to get employed. Similarly, the LinkedIn networking is not like social media networking. In fact, it is more or less like getting yourself known in the corporate world. it helps you find a suitable job or at least it helps you get in touch with the right people. Sometimes, to land the ideal job all you need is good networking. LinkedIn is that one reliable platform, where you will find people from more or less every company in Pakistan.

Important things about Linkedin we need to know and why

Sometimes, as Pakistanis, we end up thinking that networking isn’t important to land a job. However, Getting known among the people of our field is the trick actually. This is something that Pakistanis understand after a major delay. Every person in Pakistan should make their relevant LinkedIn profile right after they Graduate. This is because it will keep them under the radar.

Socializing through LinkedIn is yet another amazing way to be prominent. One a person socializes and uses his/her best communication skills with people, they are bound to impress them. Impression matter a lot. In most of the cases, it is the impression you leave that gets you the job, not the qualifications. Furthermore, this is because the companies already know the qualifications you have. There are several others with the same qualification. What matters is the impression you leave and how do you stand out among the rest.

So we are here to help you understand a little that how Linkedin works. Those Pakistanis who know how to use linked in, they should try to genuinely help those who don’t know how to use it.

Linked has nine main elements. These elements help you in networking and also in finding new people. These Elements are:



3My network



6Search Bar



9Pending Invitations

All these elements help you move around in the world of LinkedIn. Imagine Facebook, but for people who want to be known professionally and not through their personal life.

What exactly can we Pakistanis, use Linked for other than what we have mentioned above?

We can use LinkedIn to get InTouch with old colleagues or even to see how different companies are doing.

We can even find jobs and directly apply for them

Most importantly, LinkedIn profiles are used as Resumes. Therefore, people pay a lot of attention while they make these profiles.

People may even blog about their expertise. They can also blog about topics of their interests. This helps them in highlighting themselves in front of the relevant employers.

People on linkedIn can also participate on different forums. Many professionals meet on those forums and groups. From there they message each other privately and might even end up getting a job. This is one of the important things about LinkedIn that every Pakistani needs to know.

There are options for premium accounts as well. However, it depends on a person’s requirement on what type of account they want. We really hope this helped you get acquainted with LinkedIn.


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