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Students who are interested in a Marketing Qualification can receive undergraduate marketing training through a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program with a marketing concentration or a Bachelor of Science (BS) in the marketing program. College majors that lead to careers in marketing include majors in business management, marketing, advertising, journalism, and English. The latter three – advertising, journalism, and English – are usually preferred for jobs in marketing communications and advertising.

Marketing communications, advertising, and public relations rely heavily on strong written and oral communication skills. An English major completes courses in creative and business writing and literature. These prepare students for writing articles, press releases, marketing copy, advertising copy, radio and video scripts, website copy, and a wide range of materials that fall under the umbrella of marketing communications. Marketing and business majors prepare students better for careers in business intelligence, analytics, and management. Students completing a marketing major typically take both quantitative and qualitative coursework. They learn how to analyze a potential market, segment customers, write marketing plans, develop budgets, and analyze data. Lastly, business administration majors may learn more about the managerial side of the business world. In addition to courses on the rudiments of marketing, they also learn how to manage people, processes, and budgets. Marketing graduate degrees can offer a broad marketing perspective or specialize in one area such as internet marketing, journalism, or public relations.

Degrees offered in Pakistan:

Virtual University of Pakistan

Lahore city university


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