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Motivational and inspirational Podcasts for Pakistani students

Motivational and inspirational Podcasts

The lack of career counseling and the lack of proper guidance is a major issue among the youth of Pakistan. Some of them may even face depression and demotivation if things don’t as they had planned. We all come across motivational and inspirational content on Facebook and other social media platforms. These videos are short, and they do not guide us on how we should handle ourselves at difficult times. There are detailed podcasts on the internet which are a better alternative. Everyone should learn from other peoples’ advice and experiences. Similarly, it is better to learn from other peoples’ experience than to learn from your mistakes. Therefore, there are some kind people out there who want young generations to learn important lessons of life. They compile podcasts which are quite motivating and helpful. All these motivational and inspirational podcasts are suitable for young generations of all cultures.

Many of these podcasts include speakers who come from different walks of life. They also have different valuable experiences to share. Some of them are in the form of videos too on YouTube such as TED talks. The topics of the podcasts are on every type of matter. Although these problems range from standard intrapersonal and interpersonal issues to socioeconomic problems and other problems in the world, podcasts have it all.

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Here is a list of Motivational and inspirational Podcasts that every Pakistani student should listen to:

  1. Back to Work
  2. Here Be Monsters
  3. TED Talks
  4. This I believe
  5. Daily Boost
  6. On Being
  7. Radio Diaries
  8. Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything
  9. Personal Growth Podcasts
  10. What It Takes

Our favorite ones are ‘TED talks,’ ‘This I believe,’ ‘On being’ and ‘Benjamen walker’s theory of everything.’ These podcasts are the best for all those Pakistani students who need motivation and guidance. There are podcasts on more or less every aspect of life. Therefore, do not miss these and gain as much knowledge as you can.


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