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Pakistaniyo! Do you know what LinkedIn is? You can get employed through it!


As we have given a brief introduction of LinkedIn in Important things about Linkedin Pakistanis, need to know. Now it is time to move towards ways which will help Pakistanis get employed through LinkedIn. This is very important, so everyone needs to read this carefully and attentively.

LinkedIn is a vast place where we can find more than 277 million people. These people belong to different professions. Similarly, this is according to the last count made in around 2016. The thing is that there is always a way to highlight yourself it in the crowd. The most common concern these days among fresh graduates of Pakistan is that how they can get hired. Of course going for interviews, applying for jobs is one way.  Similarly, there are unique ways to which you can highlight yourself. Jumping into the market is a way to highlight yourself on LinkedIn.

What people do is that they join different groups and different platforms. Then they get in touch with the concerned people of their field of interest. The person can be some manager of a company and can also be the CEO of a company. Once you highlight your skills in front of these people then your chances of getting hired increase.

Here we’re going to share some steps with you that can help you get your next job through this game-changing platform known as LinkedIn.

1Understanding whether your profile fits in

Not all the skillsets are suitable to show off on LinkedIn. Many LinkedIn users search for companies and understand their dynamics through LinkedIn. Make sure you make your profile relevant. Study different groups, especially the ones where you want to get a job. Make your profile that will impress the appropriate people.

2There is a ‘search’ function. Use it well

As mentioned in many previous posts, LinkedIn is handy when you want to search for your topic of interest. Use the search function well. You can find issues, boards, companies and even people of your interest.

3Create experiences that you can share

You can put statuses regarding the recent happenings in your areas of interest. As a result, this can make you appear knowledgeable. As a result, you may even get highlighted in front of people who might hire you through LinkedIn. Make yourself prominent, and someone might find you attractive enough to contact you.

4Engage in different groups and chats

Engaging in various group chats because that is one way to make people know you. Take the example of walking in a gathering where you need people to know you. How do you start? By indulging in conversations. So Pakistani youth, make sure you do that.

5Start networking and being social

Socializing isn’t always about making friends, on LinkedIn, it is kind of like getting acquainted with people who have similar interests. Try to make contacts or at least add people in your circle.

6Show off your intellect without over-doing it

Show-off that you have knowledge but don’t over-do it. Show people how intellectual you are by giving your opinion in different groups on different topics. It can provide others with an idea of your knowledge.

7Stay in touch with all the people that might help you land a job

Once you make excellent contacts, just make sure you stay in touch with them. Anyone who seeks good skill or a good employee will not let you go if you meet their criteria.


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