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Podcasts on entrepreneurship for Pakistani students

Podcasts on entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is something every human should learn about in the current era. Not because everyone should become a businessperson but because maybe at some point in life you might end up needing this knowledge. Whether your business is small or you want to sell something you make at home, some tricks and tips will always come in handy when it comes to entrepreneurship.  Many experts opt to start Podcasts on entrepreneurship and call experts to share their experience with the young generation so that they gain knowledge. These things are critical for Pakistani generation because the young generation has many unique ideas but doesn’t have the skills and resources.

The podcasts that we will list here don’t just consist valuable tips and tricks but also include many unique ways of bringing in investors. Similarly, it helps people in coming up with creative ideas or even in modifying their ideas. Entrepreneurship may sound like just investing, producing and then selling. However, it is much more than that. One cannot afford to be careless or lack knowledge because one mistake can ruin everything. Therefore, it is in the best interests of every potential Pakistani entrepreneur to listen to these podcasts.

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Here is a list of Podcasts on entrepreneurship that every young Pakistani should listen to:

  1. Ambitious Entrepreneur Show
  2. The Internet Business Mastery
  3. Creative Living with Jaime
  4. John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneur on Fire
  5. Start-up Nation
  6. eBay Radio
  7. Rise to the Top
  8. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
  9. Practical Money Skills
  10. Founder’s Talk

For those who believe they have innovative ideas or want to become a good entrepreneur, these podcasts are more or less like free lectures. Interested people can download them or simply save them on iTunes. We all have spare time once in a while. Therefore, spending that time while doing something productive can be a huge investment, especially if you are gaining knowledge in that time.


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