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Universities/Institutes that offer Chinese language courses

Chinese language courses

Many institutes in Pakistan offer Chinese language courses. All the institutes have different timings of the classes. Similarly, the durations vary as well. Some institute takes courses in the morning, but most of the levels are in the evening.

The fee structure varies, but it is quite affordable for most of the people out there.

Considering that CPEC is now going to be quite active in Pakistan, therefore the locals will need to know the Chinese language. It might sound weird that why should we learn a new language instead of Chinese people learning English.  On top of that, English is a pervasive medium in Pakistan. The thing is that the trend of Chinese having their interpreters with them has been going on for quite some time now. Therefore, it will be more beneficial for Pakistani to add another language to their CV.

The Chinese language can be quite complicated as it is very different from Urdu. Therefore, one will need at least three months to understand basic Chinese. If you can just speak Chinese, then that is great. However, reading and writing can become very hard. Different institutes in Pakistan offer Chinese learning courses. What you will learn from these classes ranges from just speaking Chinese to writing and understanding Chinese. Depending on your qualification and requirement you can opt for these courses.

Here is a small list of institutes that offer Chinese language courses

Millennium roots college Islamabad

National University of modern languages Islamabad campus and Lahore campus

Bahali Language center Islamabad

5-star institute Islamabad

Green, red institute of Chinese language Lahore

Confucius Institute Lahore

Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority Lahore


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