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Will there be a need for lawyers in CPEC


Considering the need for lawyers in the 21st century Pakistan, the law is a fruitful yet extremely tough field just like Chartered accounting. Becoming a lawyer is easy. The part that isn’t easy is climbing up the ladder. It is a slow process and tests a lot of patience of a person. However, CPEC might be an excellent opportunity for different lawyers to see a brighter future for themselves.

 In Pakistan, there are three parallel degrees related to law. These are offered after the completion of Bachelors or intermediate studies of a student. There is a general LLB degree which is of 3 years, and students usually take this after 14 years of education. However, the LLB (Hons) is a five-year degree which means that after 12 years of gaining knowledge you can directly do LLB Honors and become a lawyer. Whereas, for the traditional LLB you will have to have at least 14 years of education.

There is a new law degree offered by different Institutions affiliated with International Universities such as the University of London. People who mostly obtain this degree are the students who have done A’levels. Completion time of this degree is of 3 years. As we can see that we have several options through which one can become a lawyer. However, the most reliable one to do is the LLB Hons. Because it will give you the surety that you will get a job while being a licensed lawyer in Pakistan.

 So once you complete LLB, you will have to choose your master’s degree. Whether it is in Corporate Law or it’s on human rights or any other domain. Once you specialize, there is a possibility that you might land a job with CPEC or one of the companies that are collaborating with CPEC.

We have enlisted the steps for people who want to become lawyers

  1. Do your intermediate studies
  2. Do you LLB Hons from any good law college in Pakistan. Consequently, This will take you to five years.
  3. Do your LLM in one of the individual domains in law.
  4. Gain experience if you don’t directly land a job with a company.

After all these steps, you will have enough experience to get a well-paid job in CPEC projects. Patience and hard work are the keys here. Law jobs are fruitful and good fruit is hard to get.


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