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Workplace conflicts in Pakistan that one can resolve

workplace conflicts

In Pakistani workplaces, many workplace conflicts are a massive hurdle in acquiring ideal results. Some of us fail to notice the methods to overcome those conflicts. Similarly, there are others who do have the means to overcome these conflicts, but they are not good at implementing them. Workplace conflict leads to frustration. It is not a huge issue if you have some conflict at your workplace. However, once the battle starts to affect your performance majorly, then you should come up with ways to resolve it.

Here we have listed three common conflicts in a Pakistani workplace.

These conflicts have been reported by several workers as well as employers. These disputes have been the most significant cause of lack and productivity as well as lack of motivation in employees. Several types of research have been done to find methods to help overcome these conflicts. In the light of those studies, we will mention how one can overcome these disputes

Leadership conflict

When the leader has a conflicting personality, then the subordinates don’t go along well. It leads t problems like lack of proper communication. When the workforce doesn’t have a motivating or inspiration leader, the productivity automatically gets low.

To overcome this problem, the leader should learn to get rid of his/her personal biases. Introspection is another thing that can help the manager/leader overcome his challenges. Self-awareness is a good option. Similarly, internal motivation is essential. If a person doesn’t want to fix a problem, then the problem will never fix itself. If a manager sees this his attitude is causing the decline in the workplace performance of his employees, then no matter how much he blames on others, the problem will always remain there.

Work-style conflict

Work-style conflict is usually among the coworkers of same departments. Generally in group tasks this conflict arises. When two people get the same functions but there are differences in their methods, this leads to a decline in their performance. As a result, conflict arises.

One can avoid such a conflict through a mediator. A mediator can help both the workers meet somewhere in the middle where they both agree with the methods.

Cultural conflict

Cultural conflicts have been among quite popular workplace conflicts in Pakistan. This is because of the strong belief of Pakistanis in ethnic differences. These problems usually happen with people from minority ethnic backgrounds.

Lack of productivity due to cultural conflict can be avoided by simply spreading awareness and promoting respect for every culture. Introducing cultural days in the workplace or celebrating cultural events can help. Similarly,


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